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SSI Schaefer joins the “50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders” Initiative

3rd September 2020

SSI Schaefer joins the “50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders” Initiative

SSI Schaefer joins the “50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders” initiative, to raise a voice for sustainable, economical, and future-proof material handling solutions. #Think Tomorrow.

A race we can win - this is the pinnacle of climate conscious companies participating in the 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders initiative. The initiative, which aims to leverage innovation and sustainable business models, gives a platform for making their contribution to achieving the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) global visibility.


Cooperation of 50 industry representatives

50 world-leading companies from various industries are gathering to showcase how they are developing activities and evolve business models towards a more sustainable future. Among the renowned participants, SSI Schaefer is the only supplier representing the material handling industry, giving its portfolio of sustainable solutions and initiatives, true to the company claim "Think Tomorrow.”


Achieving economic and climate goals together is possible

„Sustainability is increasingly becoming a fundamental component for future-proof, resilient businesses. As one of the leading global providers of material handling solutions, we are an ideal partner for companies that pursue economically viable and future oriented sustainable goals,” says Steffen Bersch, CEO SSI Schaefer Group. “Our task is to help both corporations and SMEs to innovate and increase the efficiency in their logistics processes and supply chains to be successful and sustainable in the long term,” Steffen Bersch adds.


Partner for sustainable material handling

A technological, sustainable, and efficient material handling initiative is essential to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and costs, while promoting short supply chains and healthy working conditions. SSI Schaefer understands the unique needs of its customers and combines, among others, energy recovering hardware, energy efficiency software, predictive maintenance, recycled and recyclable materials, green building and ergonomic solutions, to balance performance requirements, flexibility, and durability.


Exchange on sustainable partnerships and projects

This is just the beginning of this journey. In the coming weeks and months, SSI Schaefer will inform on sustainable partnerships and activities, sharing its experiences on various channels. The goal is to initiate an active exchange with customers, partners, and interested companies in order to jointly promote the development of sustainable solutions within the material handling industry. Please follow SSI Schaefer here and on social media platforms where you will be updated on this project and other initiatives:

SSI Schaefer joins the “50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders” Initiative

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