Dirk S. van Doorn

Dirk S. van Doorn
Managing Director, DHL, Namibia

Having lived and worked in the Middle East for the last 20 years Dirk has built a tremendous amount of experience in the Supply Chain and Healthcare Industry. Areas of accomplishment include managing a diverse sales team spread over a large geographic location, managing the commercial and operational aspects of the supply chain, providing client focused solutions and working with a variety of systems that provide end to end visibility for clients, suppliers and other stake holders. In addition, developing greenfield operations and entering new markets with new products has allowed Dirk to gain valuable insight to what MNC’s need to manage to in terms of the challenges.

The geographic area covered was not just limited to the Middle East but included the co ntinent of Africa as well as Russia and the CIS countries. Having worked for leading multinationals that are at the top of their industry has given Dirk an overall view of what clients, suppliers and providers look for when wanting to operate in EEMEA Regi on (East Europe, Middle East and Africa).

With sound leadership skills Dirk has built a variety of commercial and operational teams that have formed the foundation for ongoing success in the geographic area that he is accountable for. As a founding member of the SCLG it clearly shows that with commitment and dedication the SCLG has come a long way in supporting and helping its members.

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