Tom Nauwelaerts

Tom Nauwelaerts
Executive Director Logistics, NEOM
Saudi Arabia

Tom has been leading as CEO / MD and Chairman / Board member for the last 15 years several large Logistics & Maritime groups with a focus on Ports - Shipping, Freight, Transport and Warehousing, and this in a range of services, varying from e-commerce / last-mile deliveries, to cross-border transportation with integrated storage / warehousing services. Industry experience relates mainly to Retail, e-Commerce, Automotive, Project cargo, and Cold Chain Logistics.

He is very active in corporate development, focusing on the investment side of the large family groups he has been working for, and targeting and evaluating Acquisition / JV candidates across several industries and geographies.

Through his past experience in consultancy with Big4, Tom has the know-how and methodology to meticulously execute large and complex corporate projects.

Tom has considerable experience covering markets in EMEIA, CIS and Far East whilst managing large sized businesses, focused on driving profitable growth organically and through acquisitions and joint-ventures.

Tom performs at his best in roles where he can take the business of a company to a next level, and develop new business ventures.

Making a strategic assessment, defining a detailed plan for the future and executing until the finish is an area where Tom excels in.

His strengths are in: strategy development, executive management, operational efficiency, business development and acquisitions whilst realizing that the right people talent and a drive for diversity and inclusiveness are key elements to a company's success.

Since 2009, Tom has been ranked continuously among the 10 most influential people in the Logistics arena of the Middle East, and received several industry awards confirming his contribution to the development of the Logistics & Maritime industry.

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