Membership enables all organizations to leverage resources that SCLG is continuously developing and deploying. SCLG is engaged in advancing supply chain and logistics industry by bringing forums of communication, connection, creation and collaboration. Below items reflect benefits on high level offered to all member organizations and delivered as a part of continuously refined service portfolio.

  • Member organizations are leveraging SCLG for communication relating social responsibility, innovation, business continuity, climate change and sustainability.
  • SCLG delivers multiple roundtables, technical workshops and training to support growth and innovation in the industry.
  • Encourages policy centric discussion on multiple subjects that have direct or indirect influence on managing supply chain.
  • Keeps developing research insights to communicate trends on related subjects.

Why belong to SCLG?

SCLG offers opportunities for growth and innovation for individuals, organizations and economy. SCLG plans and delivers.

  • An itinerary of focused seminars and conferences, addressing current and emerging needs of the supply Chain and logistics industry locally and globally.
  • Annual conference hosted in conjunction with world renowned organizations engaged in related research and practice.
  • Frequent Networking evenings locally where thought leaders and members communicate growing values in the industry.
  • Forums of interactive sessions with authorities and trade groups to learn about new initiatives and updates.
  • Trade delegations to facilitate regional and global expansion

Who should become a Member?

  • Manufacturing Organizations
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Traders
  • Warehouse Operators
  • Ports Operators
  • Airport Operators
  • Forwarders/ Shipping Agents
  • Information Technology Solutions organization
  • Automation and Machine learning solutions providers
  • Educational Campus
  • Consulting Organizations
  • Bankers
  • Lawyers
  • Insurance Organizations
  • Sourcing Organizations
  • Warehousing Organizations
  • Airlines
  • Shipping Lines
  • 3 PL operators
  • Railways/ Truckers, Other Surface Transporters
  • Integrators

Membership Categories and Benefits

Membership Categories and Benefits

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