Dr. Ernst Schmied

Dr. Ernst Schmied
Partner, CVI Group

Dr. Ernst SCHMIED is the Managing Director of CVI NETWORK SERVICES, based in Salzburg/Austria with a global reach into the EUROPEAN UNION, RUSSIA/CIS, CHINA, USA and INDIA. This network is capable to configure solutions and value along horizontals & vertic als from Macro - Logistics down to Micro - Logistics until Logistics Service Providers.

Before of this, as since 1975 as an EARLY BIRD in Supply Chain and Logistics, he held top positions in all 3 sectors like Logistics Companies, Industries and Logistics De sign and Planning. He was the head of the start up’s from scratch of SCHENKER LOGISTICS and TNT (now CEVA) LOGISTICS, VOEST ALPINE INDUSTRIES Group and others.

The current work stream is reaching from development of a strategy to improve the Intermodal ity and Containerization between the EU and RUSSIA, Alternative Routes from Asia/India into Central - East of Europe, various projects in the field of M&A, but also activities for Supplier development and manufacturing” etc.

He held this positions in Fran kfurt/Main, Linz, Vienna, Amsterdam/Cologne and operated EU - wide and globally. F.e. speaking already in 1987 in Peking on China Logistics.

Dr. Ernst SCHMIED was also for more than 1 decade the executive VP and Treasurer for the Professional Soccer Team in Salzburg, winning 3 times the Austrian Championship, making the UEFA CUF final against Inter Milano and playing in the Main Championship Competition against clubs like AC MILAN and AJAX Amsterdam.

He is associated with a number of assoc iations like the www ,, www.sgkv.d e . In Dubai/UAE he is a member of the Regional Development Committee and In ternational Advisor for Austria for the Supply Chain and Logistics Group (SCLG).

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